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We hope that you will make it a priority to join us for a time of prayer and information this coming Thursday evening as we have an area-wide prayer vigil for Danny, his family, and those who are working towards a resolution in his disappearance. Here is the important info:

When: Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 7:00pm
Where: Lincoln County Agri-Civic Center
(1023 W. 15th Street, Chandler, OK 74834)
What to Expect: There will be a time of prayer, information, and an opportunity to help.
For more information: Call Michael Hanegan at 405-258-8660 or email


Thank you for visiting Pray for This is the website for information about the disappearance of Danny McGee. Here you will also find information about the upcoming community prayer vigil, ways to help, information about Danny, and contacts if you might have any information that could help lead to a resolution for Danny and his family.